Lunar Linux’s new daily releases.

One of the great things about Lunar Linux is that it’s a rolling-release distro. Which is to say, once you’ve installed it, bringing it all up to date is a simple matter of using the lunar update facility, which updates the moonbase–the software metadata repository–and then updates all of the software on your system to the current latest version. However, the latest official ISO release was a while ago. Which means that if you download Lunar Linux from the download page, you will have quite a long adventure ahead of you as everything needs to be updated.

That’s why I’ve started making daily ISO releases. They started out as a way for me to incorporate new software into the Lunar Linux installer, then they turned into a way to test pull requests in the core moonbase, and now they’re a reliable, safe, Lunar Linux installer. They work as USB media or if you burn them to a DVD–unfortunately they’ve grown too big for CD media over the years. If you want to install headless, they have serial-port installation support (think virsh console if you’re wondering why anyone needs serial ports in 2023).

So if you want to try Lunar Linux, please try the daily ISO.


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