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A Lunar Module (Wikipedia)

Just in case nobody noticed, the Module Site has received a much-needed face-lift, which uses the base template for the main Lunar-Linux website. Some minor changes were also made to improve the overall speed and HTML-correctness since some areas actually had broken markup. The site’s URL scheme was also updated to be more search-engine friendly and proper 404 pages/headers were added where needed. The color scheme and table layout remains, but this may change in the near future as I decide where I would like to go with things. Caching and compression is the next priority, as some dependency pages can take longer than wanted to generate and render.

Beyond that, the wiki and other sites may also receive the same treatment. The screenshots site also leaves a lot to be desired since no work went into the template after the Gallery update, but I am considering migrating it into the main website as a sub-blog. There are various good and bad things about that idea, though. If anyone has ideas, suggestions, grievances, etc. please feel free to share them.

Ever been curious about Lunar’s module statistics? Wonder no more.

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