As hal is deprecated now, most new-installations don’t have it anymore. My netbook still has it, so how do I get rid of it easily? Read on, if you want to know..

lrm hal-info hal
for i in `lsh list_installed_depending hal`; do lin -cr "$i"; done
lunar fixdepends
lunar fix

lunar fixdepends might not be needed; however. Basically I’m removing hal-info and hal. Then I’m going through all modules which have hal as dependency and I’m relinning them using lin -cr (which will ask me everything again so I can say no to hal). Right after doing so, I’m running lunar fixdepends to re-create the dependency stuff and lunar fix to resolve any other issues which might be there due to the removal of hal.

lsh is lunar’s internal .. well. let’s name it “lunar shell” which is just a shell with lunar functions. Those functions you’ll find in /var/lib/lunar/functions/. You can use them for quite useful stuff.

Note for correct “dependency” order it would be better to have the dependencies in “one” line instead of doing that “for”. I.e.:

MODULES=""; for i in `lsh list_installed_depending hal`; do   VAR=$(echo "$MODULES" | grep "$i"); if [ -z "$VAR" ]; then      MODULES="$MODULES $i";   fi; done

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