XOrg has been updated in moonbase to version X11R7.3

Updating from the previous version in moonbase should be handled automatically by lunar update.

However, there are 2 caveats:

  1. If, after updating, your mouse is not working, please recompile xf86-input-mouse via lin xf86-input-mouse. Restart X afterwards.
  2. The current NVIDIA driver (100.14.11) does not support XOrg 7.3
    • To bypass this problem you can add the -ignoreABI argument to the startx command, or have your login manager pass it to X.
    • NOTE: It may be a good idea to disable the composite extension until the next release.



As of today (19/09/2007) the NVIDIA driver (version 100.14.19) is compatible with XOrg 7.3, the -ignoreABI is no longer needed

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