I’ve just released the xorg-7.0 tree in the zbeta section of moonbase.

Many of you know Moe and me have been working on this first release for X11R7 for quite a long time.

Before you type in `lin XOrg7`, I’d like to point you to the documentation page in the lunar-linux wiki .

Read that page before you install XOrg7 on top of XOrg. If you do not follow those instructions… you’re on your own

Right now installing XOrg7 on a clean lunar-linux box will be rather flawless.

Migrating from XOrg though, is rather untested. Still we assume if you follow the instructions on the mentioned wiki page you should be able to upgrade.

I’d like to point you to the XOrg-7 forum thread and the bug-tracker tool for pointing out bugs, enhancements and/or recommendations.


Cheers, Samuel

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