Dear all,

Some might have believed we were down for the count, but on the contrary we have actually been quite busy working on the core of Lunar (and with our lives). Four very long years has passed by since our last release. Yet there have been a few adventurous souls still brave enough to try the old 1.6.5 release and get it up to date; it wasn’t an easy journey but some eventually made it through and learned a lot in the process.

With that said the Lunar team is extremely proud to announce the release of Lunar Linux 1.7.0 Release Candidate 2 codename ‘Sinus Successus’!

- The Lunar team

New features in 1.7.0

  • Out with sysvinit (gasp!) in with systemd (wth?!)
  • Kernel 3.16.2 and glibc 2.19
  • Added support for btrfs filesystem
  • Grub2 or lilo, pick your poison
  • Improved installer
  • Now with initrd support
  • A bunch of updated modules!

Give us feedback through the bugtracker. You can also inform us directly on IRC and via our mailing lists.

Download here:



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One Response to Lunar Linux 1.7.0-rc2 (i686 & x86_64) ISO’s released

  1. Unni says:

    Glad to see Lunar back :) Keep up the good job

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