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Hopefully it’s quite obvious that the website has changed just a bit. This is because of our migration over to WordPress from Joomla, which was brought about due to a number of factors:

  • Easier to maintain once set up
  • Easier to keep updated & migrate to new versions
  • Better selection of ready-made themes and plugins

Our site has been rather stale for a time, as we had not seen a fresh post since August, 2010 for the release of 1.6.5 however this was largely due to the main site only being used for news announcements and releases. Since our development team is rather small and the nature of Lunar-Linux’s moonbase of rolling updates without the need of a full release, new articles on the site had been few and far between. To liven things up, we decided it would be nice to have developers or users contribute articles by turning our main site into a “planet” of sorts.

As you will see (or already have), posts will be aggregated from other blogs belonging to our developers and perhaps a few users. The first of which is Jean Bruenn, also known as “wdp” in our IRC channel who is a long-time contributor, mirror provider, and now one of our developers. Jean’s personal blog is where most of his posts originate, along side his own musings.

We are aware of some known issues about the migration. We weren’t able to bring over comments, but there were not many to begin with, so this should not be too much of a concern. Some articles or pages may have formatting issues, but we should be cleaning those up soon. Also of note, some new redirects have been made, some removed, others changed. Should you spot any issues that need our attention, please submit a bug report (yes, the website is on there) and let us know.

Lastly, if you would like your very own blog here, drop us a line on the mailing lists, or via IRC.

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One Response to New Look!

  1. wdp says:

    Good Job!