Sofar the SquirrelWe have just migrated our website to Joomla! 1.5.x as some people may have already noticed.The update went fairly smoothly, but we have lost some functionality that was provided by 3rd party modules; namely Polls and Comments.

Polls do exist in some rudimentary form in Joomla!, however we replaced them before because they were not nearly as flexible as the addon we found. As for comments, I’m not sure if they exist in 1.5.x or not. I will look for a suitable replacement if they do not exist.

If any hiccups are noticed on the site, please let us know via the mailing lists or via IRC. Thanks!

Edit: Apparently there still are no article comments (seriously, how can that not be useful?)…Also, I do plan on migrating our old theme over, however it will need to be rewritten for 1.5.x compatibility.

Edit2: I’ve installed a comment addon which seems to work. Please contact us if you’re unable to post comments (keep in mind they ARE moderated first, so they probably wont appear right away).

EditIII: We decided to keep the theme and just tweak it instead.

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