We’re happy to announce the first beta release of a new series of lunar-linux
installer ISO’s. Our new ISO’s will be as easy to install as 1.6.1, but pack an extra punch: This series of ISO’s preinstalls a basic Xfce4-4.4.1 desktop with XOrg-7.2, together with firefox, Thunderbird, pidgin, audacious, gimp and a few other basic desktop utilities.

We hope to make it easy for everyone to both enjoy playing and learning from a true source distro environment and both be productive quickly. The extra applications will give new users a fast start and should install easily on most (even brand new) hardware with the kernel, but also give the user a welcome feeling on a freshly installed lunar-linux system.

At 585MB, this is a remarkable ISO that provides a great desktop installation to start with. I myself enjoyed testing this ISO on new systems, where even the wireless and 3D (open source radeon driver) worked without any other user interaction except for the command `startxfce4`. Hopefully you are as lucky on your hardware ;)

download it here:

  • Mirror
  • lunar-1.6.2-beta1-i686.iso.bz2 [HTTP]
  • MD5sums
  • lunar-1.6.2-beta1-i686.iso.bz2.md5
  • lunar-1.6.2-beta1-i686.iso.md5
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