With great pleasure we release “Indium Antimonide”, also known as
the Lunar-Linux 1.6.0-i686 Installer ISO in to the public. After
over half a year of work on our first 2.6.x kernel based ISO series,
it is finally ready, and ready it is!

This is a major step forward from the 1.5.x series releases, adding a
lot of features to Lunar-Linux installs, such as SELINUX, NPTL threads,
udev, and more 2.6-kernel related improvements to the Linux OS.

This release also adds the user-friendly installer and refines it
greatly. It adds better hardware recognition and module loading
options, an easier way to setup compiles against kernel sources and
headers, and easier compile optimization management with a completely
pluggable package management tool. The installer is now also capable
of installing and initializing software RAID.

This ISO comes with gcc-3.4.5, glibc-2.3.6, linux-2.6.16, perl-5.8.8,
and other rock solid base components. New packages on this ISO are wipe
(secure data deletion), foremost (arbitrary data recovery tool), lftp
(popular request), a full vim, ethtool and dmidecode (for network
and hardware diagnostics).

The installer allows you to install pre-compiled kernels suitable
for most systems, and offers a wide choice, such as server-optimized
kernels, minimal, and desktop-lowlatency ones. Alternatively the user
can compile a kernel himself as with older releases. The installer
now also provides a fully configured kernel source tree.


lunar-1.6.0-i686.iso.bz2 (254M)



Future work now concentrates on bringing an updated 2.4-based ISO
installer, and a x86_64 enabled one. Stay tuned for news on progress
with that.

Special thanks to the Lunar Team for making rock solid packages.
Kudos to my former employer for letting me go that easy, my wife for
bringing me to this new exciting place in the world and paying the
bills for the first three months while I worked on the foundation
of this ISO, and my new employer for paying me to work on Linux.
This last half year has been crazy, and it has been the best, thanks
to all of you!


Auke Kok

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