Here is the second Release Candidate for the final 1.6.0-i686 series ISO. As with rc1, this is a testing release and approaches the quality we are looking for in the -final release. A lot of small bugs in rc1 have been addressed making this an extremely useful release.

Specifically, this release backups all packages to the installed system for recovery purposes. Dmidecode was added to aid hardware discovery – it shows a ton of handy output on your system’s hardware. Ethtool was added as well. The grsecurity kernels now actually are correctly built. A few popular lsi/ibm/dell raid drivers are now supported through modules (megaraid, mptspi, others). The precompiled server-targeted kernels were heavily optimized for throughput performance, greatly increasing PCI offload. Last one nasty hd selection bug was fixed.

lunar-1.6.0-i686-rc2 iso (255M)

Being the second release candidate I expect some minor bugs to surface once people start testing. Please file bugs accordingly in the tracker and mark them with the version of this release.

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