Dear all!

after 3 weeks of heavy QC, a new lunar installation ISO, named
1.5.1 – “Gallium Arsenide” is released. This is the first release ever where
two different lunar ISO’s are released simultaneously. Once for i686 and one for older (up to i386) machines

i686 download (240mb)
i386 download (205mb)

The changelog is here:

This version fixes a few bugs with missing files in /etc/, and adds
support for displaying normal device names (/dev/sda, /dev/hda3 etc) in
the entire installer. Also, there are now proper default choices in the
language, font, charmap etc. menus to guide you. The network now starts
by default after installation.

The package list has been modified a bit and now includes wireless_tools,
lard as logging daemon, and xfs and reiserfs installs are now tested OK.
Plenty of minor adjustments were also made that are too countless to number.

Please make sure you verify the md5sums after downloading the iso. Here
are the URL’s of the ISO:



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