Alright, the new site has been long in the works and is finally ready to be put to its full potential. While the site still lacks some of the old site’s content, most of it has been or will be moved to the new Wiki.

The website now sports mantis as the bug tracker, MediaWiki for our brand spanking new wiki, and phpBB2 for our new forums. The main website is running on Mambo OS. While before all logins were pretty much tied into one another, the new setup cannot benefit from that, but it is in our opinion that many of the various sections of the website were not fully utilised by everyone, so anyone that does not wish to use the forums does not need to sign into them. Also, the main website has no login for non-developers since it will be merely a news portal.

That is all for now, stay tuned for more news about nestu streaking in the night!


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