Share your Lunar Images!

Help the Lunar-Linux project populate our new screenshots website.

Please forgive us, the Lunar-Linux gallery is new and how to handle submissions is still up in the air.

For now, if you would like your screenshot put in the gallery (or perhaps taken out) email with the image(s) following the rules below.

Overall Rules

  • We reserve the right to reject any image for any or no reason at all, though we will generally give a reason if it is rejected.
  • Edited images to remove secure information are okay.
  • Please either attach your image to your email, or have a URL to the image in the body.
  • Please include “Lunar-Screenshots” in your subject line.
  • Please include your name or alias as you would like it displayed. If this is omitted, your name from your email will be used.
  • You may include your website or blog URL in your email to be included with your image.

Screenshot Submission Rules

  • Keep your screenshots at least somewhat clean; no blatant nudity please.
  • png, jpeg, and gif are accepted image formats.
  •, tar.gz, and zip archives of acceptable formats are also okay.
  • Please submit full quality, unscaled screenshots.
  • Please include the installed version of Lunar-Linux, your architecture type, and kernel version. Including uname -a output is appreciated.
  • Please let us know what desktop environment (e.g. KDE/Gnome/Xfce), theme (e.g. Crystal), and any widgets you are using, so other people can pimp their desktop like yours.

Image Submission Rules

  • Keep your images clean.
  • Your image should be Lunar-Linux related in some manner. Examples:
    • Your physical desktop or laptop running Lunar.
    • Photos of people wearing Lunar-Linux merchandise.
    • Photos containing the Lunar-Linux logo, slogans, or spoofs.
    • Photos of Lunar developers.
  • Photos of users at technology related events may also be accepted.
  • Please include a description of the image, location, and date.
  • Please include names or aliases of individuals (if any) in your photo.